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Re: Hello...lost laser making a comeback

Posted: Sun Mar 21, 2021 7:29 pm
Lets take the bits off and then take a peek under the first wing
They both will need to come off anyway and ones
Quick rub over with a wire wheel, bit of zinc primer, new wing on.... right? :)

....ahhhhhh no. All the no. More no. Then just to make sure, no.
oh dear. oh dear oh dear oh dear. :crying:

It was at this point I should have called someone who owned a breakers yard to come with a tow truck. But....lockdown, they were all shut.

Surely no one wants further pictures of the horrors? Is this not rotten Capri nightmare fuel enough? :shock:

Re: Hello...lost laser making a comeback

Posted: Tue Mar 23, 2021 1:55 am
by ian_s
Looking good. It's a good example of how what looks like might be simple job turns into full on fabrication of new parts. Those parts soon add up if you got to the likes of steel express. Keep going then I'm keen to see repairs on these. :applaud:

Re: Hello...lost laser making a comeback

Posted: Tue Mar 23, 2021 7:19 am
Its important to note, I am not a mechanic. Or a fabricator. Or a metal worker. Or an engineer. I've pretty much just picked things up as I went along. As such don't use anything here as guidance as how to rebuild anything. Because you should always use a professional who is competent to do repairs. And not some random guy on a forum jabberings as a repair guide. After my "safety first" is what I fabricobbled together to try to redeem the poor old thing..... (remember, and I cannot stress this enough, seek professional help when fixing things. Because that's what they are for)

So I'll admit I wasn't ready to find...well, nothing under the front of the wing....I didn't even have lots of new sheet metal ready, just some old stuff I'd been painting on. I ordered more and made do with what I had to hand..

First off a new headlight bowl top to cut in...
Then get slap happy with the brush on zinc primer. I don't give a hoot about finish or appearance, just making the front of the car not...missing. At this point I was really just tinkering and stopping myself being bored in lockdown! I wasn't intending to get quite so...involved
Lets get a wire wheel on the grinder and see just how deep the rabbit hole goes....

well that's not good

Ok, time to..erm..make a new front end. I guess. I've never done that before. How hard can that be?
So far so good...
Just make sure its sort of the right shape... I'm working off a pattern of nothing. Tricky.
It fits! well fits-ish. From a standing start and with naught but a can do attitude, 1 pair of pliers, 1 pair of tin snips, a small vice and a hammer I'll take that over the hideous gaping void.

At this point I'd just like to say, that if at the end of this it looks even vaguely Capri shaped it is in fact everyday proof of a miracle. This will not be a show car (to say the least) but hey, lets all remember what I started with....right?
Now the bit under the headlight...choppy choppy choppy
And finally zinc primer EVERYWHERE!!!!!

Still that should be all the rust to find. Well, I'm glad its time to put the wing on and call it a day. Because nothing further back will possibly be even slightly rusty.

No, you're right, I should check.....TBC

Re: Hello...lost laser making a comeback

Posted: Tue Mar 23, 2021 8:57 am
by D366Y
Looking good!
Impressive work for having never done it before either :cheers:

Re: Hello...lost laser making a comeback

Posted: Tue Mar 23, 2021 3:46 pm
by pbar
[email protected] wrote:
Tue Mar 23, 2021 7:19 am
Its important to note, I am not a mechanic. Or a fabricator. Or a metal worker. Or an engineer. I've pretty much just picked things up as I went along.
That's like most of us on here! Good fun when you get cracking isn't it :)

Nice work on the car.

Re: Hello...lost laser making a comeback

Posted: Wed Mar 24, 2021 7:39 am
I knew I shouldn't have looked :o

And I really shouldn't have "just cleaned off the peeling underseal" with the wire wheel :cry:
Looks like the bit where my legs live is a little bit nibbled...
And that's where my feet sit.....crikey.... for a penny in for a pound I suppose lets try and make all those nasty little holes go away. I don't want a draught up my trouser leg and my feet getting wet after all!
first the inner wing top section...
Then the footwell fresh air ventilation...
Then the sidey leg bits need to meet the new feety bit to make a new super leggy footy boxy bit and keep my feet dry and trouser leg unruffled from the wind
And then...realise you forgot the wing bracket. So put it back on and hang your head in shame fink...followed by ZINC PRIMER EVERYTHING!! (again)
And finally....join all the inner wing top from the snout to the bulkhead because it was all nibbled and somewhat lacking in structural integrity, which I personally find important. I need some of that.

Well at least that's all done. Pop a wing on and it ready for the open road...well this corner is anyway.


Re: Hello...lost laser making a comeback

Posted: Sun Mar 28, 2021 8:55 am
Now...lets wingyify and hide all that solid new steel glory....
The pattern part wasn't toooo bad a fit the top corner was much too curved in and had to be convinced out by about half an inch or so and the front lip needed a bit of relaxing but other than that just lots of clamping, fettling, reclamping, bolting, jiggling, welding and general time lining up to do. They are very tricky to work with what with being a million miles long and surprisingly flexible when off the car. But its on. And it looks roughly Capri shaped. Considering what was under there I'm claiming it as "passable"

Now...the other side which is almost certainly fine.
ah.....well its not that bad
wait...why is there a hole at the top....and why is the bottom flapping in the breeze...I'm getting a sinking feeling. :o
ooooohhhh thats worse. Thats much much worse. Thats very worse. The pile on the floor is what has fallen off. And there's much more to fall off. :|
Should have called the breakers yard and had the garage occupying ruin carted off...but ooohhhhhh no. You fixed one side so now you feel invested don't you? You mug. Now you're stuck with it. :?

Nothing for it. Strike up the six million dollar theme...A car. Barely alive. We have the technology, we can rebuild it (I hope, I'm up to my neck in it now!) I even got some new shiny steel to do it with. Mmmm. Shiny.
Start with a new inner wing top
then a new headlamp bowl top. It needs one of those.
Then back, bottom and end. Might not be quite the same shape as an original but I don't have a new one, I don't have any tools to form one and it'll do for me!
Now the headlight landing panel....choppy choppy...
And that will do for this thrilling instalment of.....lost laser.

Feel free to point out the complete and utter waste of time, money, effort and high levels of being a complete mug at this point :lol: :lol: :lol:

Re: Hello...lost laser making a comeback

Posted: Sun Mar 28, 2021 9:58 pm
by Peter-S
Good to see a nice project and a Capri coming back. Takes me back a few years although I didn't have much welding fortunately.
Keep it coming :)

Re: Hello...lost laser making a comeback

Posted: Sat May 01, 2021 8:29 pm
now...where was I? Ah yes! After choppy choppy comes the buildy buildy again...
then the frilly valance edges need a little bit of manufacturing...
which means it mostly has a snout. Sort of. I wish I was a metal worker! :?
This was followed by? ZINC PRIMER EVERYTHING!!

Happily this was just a little lock down keep my sanity project. Not regretting anything yet. Yet...
Lets work backwards now the snout is done like we did on the drivers side.
oh dear. Nibbled.
oh...wait...that leads inside :cry: its still fine....right?
Time to start filling the holes...
that should hold the top back together. I'm sure thats the worst of it...
say......whats this rust bubble in the screen corner? I don't remember that when i put it away...*POKE* (sound of crumbling metal)
Wait...that also goes inside..... I should probably lift the carpet and hope the steel gods are in a favourable mood...Please oh mighty steel gods......
GREAT MERCIFUL SAINTS ALIVE :crying: :crying: :crying: :crying:
There's nothing but a windscreen holding this whole corner together!! damn, damn, damn, damn, damn, I only wanted a mess about project...WHHHHHYYYYYY did i start??? WHY??? :(
Lets...erm...not jack this corner up just yet shall we? I'm just going to sit in the corner, rock back and forth and cry a little.

Right...I guess I'd better forgo pretty right now and do some emergency strengthening work before there's a loud crunch and the front drops off! First things first is hit it with the whizzy wheel and see just what is actually left I guess....gulp....

And that will be in the next thrilling installment of "Lost Laser"

Re: Hello...lost laser making a comeback

Posted: Sat May 01, 2021 9:35 pm
by Peter-S
I think this is why beer was invented!

Re: Hello...lost laser making a comeback

Posted: Sun May 02, 2021 8:53 am
by Paul G
I do sympathise with you, my Laser was as rusty as that so I've been through all the pain that you are suffering!!

Re: Hello...lost laser making a comeback

Posted: Wed May 05, 2021 9:08 pm
by zeus
Hello, impressive restoration, I take a place and some popcorn to see until the end.
Thanks for all your time.
Greetings and good luck

Re: Hello...lost laser making a comeback

Posted: Sat May 08, 2021 8:27 pm
Now where was I...oh yes, foetal position, sobbing...

so out with the whizzy wheel and let see how deep this rabbit hole goes :?
It appears that there' inner sill, no left floor, no right floor, no floor bung and not a huge amount over the chassis rail. So that's gone terribly well. :cry:

Now for my second disclaimer. I am not a body repair or metal work expert. This is more than likely NOT to way to attempt to repair such a catastrophic mess. DO NOT use this as a rebuild guide. It isn't. Seek professional assistance from someone who knows how to actually repair things properly. Because that is what they are for.

Right, on with the show...and pretty welding can wait. This needs 20cc of steel plate STAT! Scalpel! Patient status RED. With flashing lights.

In all seriousness, there really really isn't a whole lot hanging this together and I just need steel in it sharpish. What follows is going to look like Frankensteins monster. Never fear (spoilers!) I put a lovely new one piece plate on and a new chassis extension afterwards (you'll see that in several episodes time probably, unless I get bored of showing strangers on the internet my year long decent into madness) but for now...the horror show.

First job is to finish off the lower part of the inner wing. It looks like all the floor and sill close onto this panel (which is missing) so for all the bits to join into 1 big bit I need this first.
There. Something to work to.

Now, emergency surgery time. Got to start sticking the good stuff to each other to hold it all in shape. First, good floor, to the inner sill flanges (still in place thankfully) to meet at the inner wing.
That's pulled the corner back together. The sill is now strong, attached to the inner wing and has some connection to the floor. Patients condition is now a lovely shade of crimson. And it may not instantly drop in 2.

Next, heavy plate over the chassis rail to join the floor above the hole to the floor below and get it strong again on the main load bearing structure. Patient condition improved to scarlet.
Then the small holes to the right of it (bell housing side that I can only assume rusted from the water getting in. I can't see it rusting the other side with all the oil mist and what not from the old pinto)
And then fill in the gopping great floor hole to make the corner strong enough for the further operation ahead (that screen will need to come out) welding onto the thick chassis cover plate so the new strong metal is going right into the chassis to hold everything as strong as it can be.
Patient off the critical list. This corner (whilst hideous and a patchwork quilt) is capable of holding me inside. Which is a start. Its actually very solid at this point, the heavy chassis plate into the chassis leg and the floor onto that has worked wonders for its "likely to snap in 2" levels Condition a dusky pink at this stage.

Now we can join the rest of the inner sill to the rest of the floor, some of the inner sill was nibbled but the floor happily was fine. Bizarre how tin worm works.
And that's it strong enough to risk lifting it. So that's a relief. Patient is feeling much better (for this corner at least) and condition is now rose pink. This is by far and away far worse than anything I've ever had to assault with a welder. Realistically it was a massive basket case fit for the breakers. But lockdown gave a bored man too much free time that could be usefully applied.

And I think that's far enough for this gripping installment. Do tune in next time for more journeys into insanity in the next episode of "Lost Laser"

Re: Hello...lost laser making a comeback

Posted: Mon May 10, 2021 9:28 am
by D366Y
Loving these updates - fair play for sticking at it with all the welding!

Re: Hello...lost laser making a comeback

Posted: Tue May 25, 2021 8:17 pm
Now we have some strength restored to the car after the last installment I'm feeling brave enough to jack up this corner...JOY!

So I can now attach the 2nd wing (more JOY!)
This wing is a much worse fit than the drivers side, all kinds of issues getting it even close. it appear to be slightly short compared to the drivers side which is troublesome and the top was too curly. It either fits the front and has a big panel gap at the back (which looks a bit shoddy) or fits the back and falls very much short at the front (which looks truly ridiculous!) so I've jiggled it and got the best fit I could. Such is the joy of pattern parts I guess. At least trial fitting the lights means I've gotten it somewhere close. There was no wing top and headlight bowl or valance on this side and I was making a huge amount of metal from little more than good luck at times. Frankly this can be regarded as a miraculous event that its actually Capri shaped!

Now....that troublesome hole in that scuttle panel I jabbed with my digit and regretted....

Only thing for it is remove the windscreen. I'm not sure if you've tried shoving one of these out on your own, on the hottest day of the year willing it not to smash into a millionty bits but its good cardio. I also didn't take any photos. Because I'm not an octopus and my hands were somewhat occupied.

Once its out....oh dear. Oh deary dear.
Yes. I'm not expert but...That is in fact ruined.

Well I've come this far. How much harder can it get? I mean, lockdown was well underway by now and Mr Sun had his hat on, what else was I going to do with evenings and weekends?

So, out with a teeny tiny dremel cutting disc and nibble nibble....
And then...first a window lip, tricky making it bend in 2 directions and L shaped with nothing but a hammer and a can do attitude!
Then we make a fill in piece to butt weld in the missing bit
And then the side part to lead to the A post all covered with ZINC PRIME EVERYTHING...and a little matt black
and then do the other side!

Then squeeze the window back in.

I'm not sure if you've tried shoving one of these in on your own, on the hottest day of the year willing it not to smash into a millionty bits but its good cardio. Better than shoving it out I would say. I also didn't take any photos because (despite exposure to all kinds of paint and seam sealer) I still haven't mutated into an octopus and my hands were still full.
There. Doesn't that look happier? Needs someone to smooth over with filler and paint but its an improvement over hideous gaping rust cavern...and since I have no idea what I'm doing and it looks like car again, I'm calling it a win.

And I'm calling this thrilling installment of Lost Laser finished at that. Tune in next time for more lockdown capers as I discover what bits of the car remain further back (spoilers, not much)

Re: Hello...lost laser making a comeback

Posted: Tue Jun 08, 2021 12:12 pm
by Major_Tom
Looks bloody nice so far.