How do they justify high insurance admin fee

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How do they justify high insurance admin fee

Post by brooky »

So got my insurance renewal from lancaster who I have been with for a few years now with no complaints until this years renewal arrived. My premium for 2 cars (sierra and capri) is £123 but total price they want is £264. The difference of £140 being for legal protection, agreed valuation and £70 arrangement fee. How can they justify the admin, etc being more than the cost of insuring 2 cars.

Called a couple of others and got a much better deal from Adrian Flux, £210 for both cars including legal cover, only an extra £15 for agreed valuations on both and I accrue no claims on both vehicles so total saving of £40
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Re: How do they justify high insurance admin fee

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Adrian Flux were a nightmare when I made a claim with them once, I'd put anyone off from using them. Just ring Lancaster and ask them to lower it, they will.
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