Rear Seat belt advive

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Rear Seat belt advive


Hi all,

My car a MK3 'S' has no rear belts. I want to retro fit them so I bought the shelf supports with the cut outs. I realise I am going to have to cut a hole in the boot plastics. Has anybody any experience in buying belts? I have seen these on ebay. Is there anything else that I need? ... media=COPY

Thanks in advance.
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Re: Rear Seat belt advive

Post by D366Y »

When I fitted belts to my laser I didn't need to cut holes in the boot lining, there were two holes already there to be used for seat belts... Maybe the earlier cars didn't have them but I'd be a little surprised
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Re: Rear Seat belt advive

Post by T.M. »

I don't know, but first you could maybe try CapriGear or Tickover if they have original ones in working order. They also know if you need anything else.
And original ones will surely fit to cut outs in shelf supports! Not sure if these from ebay also fits...

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