Whining sort of noise....?

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Re: Whining sort of noise....?

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D366Y wrote: Fri Sep 30, 2022 11:12 am How difficult are half shafts to change and I can consider changing it to see if it works

In addition to all the excellent advice above, I have considered buying a press for jobs such as this, started a thread a little while ago about it, worth considering if you have the space to keep it, cheaper than you might think, I haven't bought one yet but still considering it. Otherwise I'd definitely give Peter's scaffold pole method a go, you can often cadge a pole from scaffolders working nearby, or a fiver or a couple of cans of beer might do it. And just cut a section off with an angle grinder. Amazing how useful a scaffold pole is to have in your arsenal of tools, lifting and prying when working on suspension, or adding to a breaker bar for super difficult nuts/bolts, etc.
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