Waited 40 years for my Capri

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Waited 40 years for my Capri

Post by TOM999 »


First of all can I say hello to all here (couldnt find anywhere more suitable for my intro).
Hope I can be a useful member of the club and I'll try not to ask too many questions :shock:

So, we bought our 'MOM' sight unseen off eBay a month ago, the price was right so took a chance. Been finding a few gremlins and working through them, no regrets though.
I was an apprentice then qualified toolmaker at Ford Dagenham from 1980 and when my mates were buying brand new Brooklands I settled for a new XR2, lovely car also.
Last few weeks Ive bent a few ears for advice, it's been a steep learning curve but I'm well into the Capri world now.

1st comment........"What designer in their right mind would drain rainwater into the sills" !!

Cheers, Tom.
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Re: Waited 40 years for my Capri

Post by Andrew 2.8i »

Hi Tom,
welcome to the forum and congratulations on your fine purchase. :welcome:
I hope MOM was worth the wait!

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Re: Waited 40 years for my Capri

Post by T.M. »

looks very good! Congratulations and many happy miles! ;)
If you could put more photos here, we appreciate it. :)

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Re: Waited 40 years for my Capri

Post by Major_Tom »

Welcome to the house of fun. Nice looking motor, good man for driving it anywhere, daily driver all the way 8-)
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Re: Waited 40 years for my Capri

Post by Jasonmarie »

Welcome I almost joined the Dagenham family in the 80s as many of my family worked there and as a child would go in my grandads golf buggy around fords . I can also remember the capris for sale at “ frog island “
Loads of information on here :beer:
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Re: Waited 40 years for my Capri

Post by pbar »

Welcome, nice car, enjoy! The more you drive it the more fun there is to be had :)
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