2.8 injection engine re build

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Re: 2.8 injection engine re build

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80s-new-man wrote: Wed Aug 16, 2023 4:12 pm Thanks guys.. the rad cap feels tight to me without any movement. I took the rad outlet hose off and I noticed quite a bit of coolant then came out of the expansion tank. It stopped and I checked the expansion tank level - it was exactly up to the mark.
I looked in the rad… it was quite low, just up to its core.
Now is this the right level for both?
When my mechanic fitted the new alloy rad, he topped the rad up to the cap and the expansion tank up to its level.
Is that correct?
Or should I leave it like this now. ( rad level to core, expansion tank to the correct level). Thinking the water in rad will expand and go up….
Remembered to check mine. Water level is above the core and just under an inch from the bottom of the rad opening.

I would run yours as it is and see how it goes. Watch for high temps and see what level is in the rad and if all stays as is now then I guess the car is happy.
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