CCI 2.8i Viscous fan coupling issues..... Not bad, but...

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CCI 2.8i Viscous fan coupling issues..... Not bad, but...

Post by Taff50ish »

Hi all,

So my fan was gettin weak and the temp was rising, having changed the Thermostat and sender, I decided to get this swapped out, as when hot the old rolled up newspaper would stop the fan quite easily, instead of tearing it to sheads...

So I ordered a new Viscous fan coupling up from CCI with a spanner to get it fitted. Once received I put it on one side for a while till the day came to fit it. Once that day arrived, I nipped out with the new fan spanner and a few other spanners to remove the fan from the coupling and set about removing the old fan from the car, this all went quite smoothly and things were looking good.....
ImageFan a by jon taylor, on Flickr

I then set about removing the fan from the coupling.. Nice & easy, still all going well....
ImageFan b by jon taylor, on Flickr

I then went to fit the new coupling to the fan.... Humm!!!!!!
ImageFan c by jon taylor, on Flickr

This is where it went Tits up for the afternoon!!!! I got the Thread Lock in the bolt holes, I went to put the bolts I removed from the old coupling in the new coupling and No Way were these going to fit... The New Coupling from the CCI is down to an M8 bolt requirement... Spot the difference!!!
ImageFan d by jon taylor, on Flickr

Luckily I do have a selection of bolts, though non short enough, so having cut 4 X M8 bolts down and taking the Thread File over them, I was able to fit the fan to the new coupling and fit this all into the Cappa. BUT!!! A word of warning. The Viscous coupling is absolutley fine, but just have the M8 X 15 bolts on stand-by!!! Otherwise you maynot complete the task as expected.... A half hour job turned into an Hour + job!!!! Argh!!!

Then I found out my sender was also incorrect, even though it was the White ring, you still need one from Tickover, as they measure the resistance on these and ensure you get the correct one!!!

So basically a word or 2 of warning... Check you have the correct sender and the correct bolts!!! Best of luck all, cheers,


P.S. Anyone off to the CCI this week end, 8/05/2022???? I'm hoping to head up there... Cheers...
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Re: CCI 2.8i Viscous fan coupling issues..... Not bad, but...

Post by T.M. »

few years ago I changed viscous coupling too, but I think it wasn't from CCI. Holes were also M8, so I made M10 from them, because I wanted to use original screws. ;)

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