Virtual Exterior Wing Mirrors

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Virtual Exterior Wing Mirrors

Post by Fordoholic Nick »

So i seen these Audi e-trons driving about with their weird camera wing mirrors and wondered what the set up was like inside so did a You Tube search. Very strange as surely the instinct is still to look where the actual mirrors are and not down at the internal cameras.

And what happens if the camera packs up on a busy motorway 😳

Some if the new bus fleets in London are rolling out buses with these mirror cameras and the drivers seem very nervous 🤣🤣
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Re: Virtual Exterior Wing Mirrors

Post by andyd »

What's the point if you still have something sticking out of your doors, may as well leave the mirrors as they are now :headscratch:

Just more to go wrong :roll:
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Re: Virtual Exterior Wing Mirrors

Post by Jasonmarie »

I agree with Andy , I bet they are a few pounds when they go wrong ,
Talking mirrors did you find that glue for your bedroom ceiling mirrors ?
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Re: Virtual Exterior Wing Mirrors

Post by Major_Tom »

Strange innit.. we always grew up paying attention to what was outside. Now drivers are encouraged more and more to fixate on the inside and expect the tech to look out for them.
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Re: Virtual Exterior Wing Mirrors

Post by Mc Tool »

Ay Nick, 😁 while I cant see a set goin' on Crapi.........I guess if you can roll with the times there must be advantages ....Imean I dunno but Im sposing they will have some image correction fuckpokery going on . Like enhanced night imaging , auto zoom ,image stabilisation, maybe thermal or infared imaging ......AND for those with short chubby arms will be able to get 6 inches closer to the drive in window 😆
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