2.8i underbody protection

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2.8i underbody protection

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Hi and I hope you all had a good Christmas.

I have been cleaning all the old mud and muck from under the wheel arches and under the car to see if there are any rust horrors and thankfully not. The bodywork underneath is remarkably good and as I have been using the wire brush, some of the original underseal has flaked away to reveal bare metal.

Do you have any suggestions for the best protection to add under the wheel arches and under the floorpan. I would like it to look as original factory as possible. I have a shultz gun with my compressor on my Mk1 Granada but not sure if this is the right way to go for the 2.8i.

I guess there are spray on underseal products that can be painted over (the car is solid black) but I assume this isn't that original and maybe a lot of work.

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Re: 2.8i underbody protection

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It sounds like you're doing a good job there.
I'm led to believe that Upol Raptor provides the best protection against stonechips on the underside. It can be tinted with paint so that it appears body coloured too.
I have been told that Mark 3 Capris had some kind of factory applied stonechip protection around the inside of the arches and along the floor pan, but not in the transmission tunnel or on the underside of the boot floor.
I hope that helps and :goodluck:

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Re: 2.8i underbody protection

Post by D366Y »

I've sprayed mine with either hammerite-waxoyl underseal, which has worked but not cheap, and on the other I just used Comma underseal which is black and was much cheaper.

Both easy enough to do with the car on ramps/stands/jack's/inspection out or whatever, as long as you can get under it and see!
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Re: 2.8i underbody protection

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Do you drive you car in the winter purposely? The best protection is driving a beater car in the winter months. That being said, on my '66 Mustang I simply media blasted it down to bare metal and sprayed 3 coats of epoxy primer followed by 3 coats of acrylic enamel. Its a very durable finish...but I don't purposely drive the car in bad weather either(I have a daily beater for that). If it were my only car and I had no choice but to drive it in the weather then instead of the acrylic enamel I might choose a coating like lizard skin or bedliner instead.


Yes, its a Mustang and not a Capri but some things are universal to restoring rusty old cars.
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