Capri hot start problem

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Martin Capri
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Re: Capri hot start problem

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Hi folks. Sorry I've been pretty busy the last while and only seeing all of your replys.
Some good news, I got the capri checked over by a pro and he said that some of the wiring was a mess. So he fixed that and also said there should be a wire from the starter to give a boost for hot starting (I never knew of such a thing) so he fitted a 12v coil, something to do with resistor wire🤷‍♂️
She now starts and runs good. Although I've only drove it home from the garage. I will take her for a good run during the week.
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Re: Capri hot start problem

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Sounds like he's referring to the ballast resistor and its bypass. It's great that you came back to mention how you're getting on, good luck!
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