Ford Capri 2.6 1973

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Ford Capri 2.6 1973

Post by Hopper »

So I got a one owner 73 capri back in 2019, After getting some crazy quotes for the bodywork here in Denver CO, I decided to tackle the work myself, this changed the nature of the project from restoration to more of a life extension.
Small car port style garage that the wife use to drive into when snow is falling, necessitates that the car is kept rolling for the moment, The Coronadrama scam wasted a summer of work on it, anyway despite the cold I've managed to get some steel into the car.

I've never Mig welded before so its all learning.

Pictures are too large to upload here, not sure how is best way to do it?

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Re: Ford Capri 2.6 1973

Post by Vermilion »

Open pictures in paint, then resize them maybe to 30% from original size and then save in JPG format.
You can also upload them in services like imgur and copy the IMG link here.
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