Essex Capri Owners Meet - May, July, Sept

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Essex Capri Owners Meet - May, July, Sept

Post by Daz-RSK »

Hello Fellow Essex Capri Owners,

When I saw some of you last year, probably to drop with you a poster of the Dunton Capri birthday or maybe an email with you, I said to you that I would find if there is a local gathering for us Capri folk or did that all disintegrate some time back. If there is nothing, I would see what we could do to resurrect a gathering.

Well, I wouldn’t say my research has been thorough but I don’t think, from what I have heard, anything at all is going on in our county. I asked in a few places, but it was silence. So either there is a meet somewhere and it is the quietest car meet known (perhaps like a not known meet) or there is nothing for us.

Shall we try to change that ? 😊 Just an informal gathering at the pub – no agendas, secretaries, chairman ? 😊 Just about the Capri – and the people – but none of the ego and politics. 😊 Does that sound like a plan ?

I have already placed this announcement up on Facebook and it seems to have been received quite warmly. In fact, if you have seen it, we have some outside of the county people interested perhaps because they have lost their local Capri club as well. But it looks like 20+ people are up for this just from FB. Obviously, 20+ people showing their hands and then actually turning up – we’ll see.

So I wanted to post on here in case you are not on FB or have not seen this on there yet. Please also ask other Capri owners that you know whether they are interested.

The plan is for the 3 summer months in 2020, listed above. I just want to cautiously wade into this instead of some thumping announcement of 15 meets I have planned for you. Partly because I don’t know its success and partly, some of us remember the old Capri club scene where you must do this, must do that, see you at the next meet, next week and also the one at the end of the month, and 3 of them next month. It took over our lives, didn’t it!! Calendar mapped out – one weekend on, one weekend off. That’s fine when you are 20 but probably many of us are older and have other things to do in life.

I got washed out with all of that and I sure so did you. I just want this to be informal / casual – come and go as you please.

From the other clubs I do belong to, I can let you know when events are occurring across the south, but that is not the key aim. Ask me at the time if you want to know what else is going on – that’s the way I like this instead of me ramming at you all of the meets through 2020. So, does this sound good / appealing ?

OK, dates and venue.

The dates, I have had to pick because from past experience, if I have a vote from a committee, we might not get anywhere. So we’ll do the 3rd Weds of the following months through 2020, 7pm-10pm, which will mean:-
• 20th May
• 15th July
• 16th September

Remember – just come and go as you please – you don’t have to stay the full duration or even get there for 7pm. It will be great to see you, even if only 45 minutes. This is gathering unlike any other. 😊

The venue – Halfway House in the Brentwood area, along the A127.

I realise this is not central Essex but the reason for picking this is because I just want to see how this launches and there are a lot of south Essex Capri owners. But what we might do, in 2020 (or probably 2021, when we might want a few more than 3 in the calendar), is shift this around. Maybe have a more central venue (Chelmsford area). Essex is a big county and I am never going to satisfy everyone with a meet on their doorstep. For what it is worth, I am on the Suffolk border but work in Dunton. So I have long slog anyway, but in fairness, I am in the area. I still have to drive it.

Let’s gauge how it goes with the timings, the frequency and where people are coming from. Then we can do this trial in 2020. If there is some success, we can move it along into 2021. If we can’t get the appetite to do this, at least we have tested it! 😊

Does this sound good ? See how you are fixed on those dates and if you are free, would like to come along, please drop in. Will be great to see you. 😊

I haven’t announced the dates on FB yet – but have announced the venue. It’s no secret – it’s just that I was gaining some understanding of the success of this, verbally, on there, at the moment. In case you speak to someone who has seen the posts on FB and they are surprised dates have been announced, just tell them that the dates will go up soon on FB.

Thanks for reading.
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Re: Essex Capri Owners Meet - May, July, Sept

Post by Wideboy »

Top Man....I do like the "No Committee" route.Pick a a date and go for it :D .....In Harlow so all things being well will come along..
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Re: Essex Capri Owners Meet - May, July, Sept

Post by tejb1 »


Sounds great, and yes you're right sometimes you need to just go for something. But it sounds like by nominating a few dates, there's a good chance of people being able to make it - for example I think the first date will be a stretch for me as I'm doing 2 shows the following weekend but will definitely put the other 2 in the diary. No guarantees as my work situation is up in their air atm but definitely hoping to be there - even though I'm not an Essex dweller!

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Re: Essex Capri Owners Meet - May, July, Sept

Post by Stish704 »

Hello Darren, yep, I’ll be up for these dates. Look forward to catching up with you again!
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