Capri Part Numbers.

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Capri Part Numbers.

Post by andyd »

Hi all,
I thought it might be useful to start a thread of part numbers so anyone looking for an item can find it here and get it right first time.....
These are my personal purchases, obviously other brands available :)

For the Capri 2.8i;
Alernator Belts.
Gates 6219MC 975mm (Alternator will need to be removed to fit)
Gates 6267MC 988mm (Alternator still had to be removed to fit) :doh:

Power Steering Belt.
Gates 6481MC

Spark Plugs.
NGK BPR6E (6464)

Oil Filter.
Mann W916/1

Thought I would add this useful link here if required;
Bosch K Jetronic - Mechanical Fuel Injection Troubleshooter ... oting.html
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Andrew 2.8i
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Re: Capri Part Numbers.

Post by Andrew 2.8i »

Great idea, Andy.

Here's a contribution:

Motorcraft oil filter EFL90.

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Re: Capri Part Numbers.

Post by tejb1 »

Pinto engine

Spark plugs : AP6FS (NGK)
Contact set Bosch dizxy : XCS123 (CI) or 22700 (Intermotor)
Rotor arm XR66
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Lord Flasheart
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Re: Capri Part Numbers.

Post by Lord Flasheart »

Essex 3.0 V6

Here's some info for service items that I was given a while back by a long standing owner over on CP

Oil Filter finis 1555451 - Motorcraft EFL90
Air Filter finis 1485888
Distributor Cap finis 1465363
Rotor Arm finis 1466713
HT Leads 6063119 - 1524435 - 6063115 - 6063112 - 6063118
Coil finis 6018606

Air Filter EFA340 or Older EFA13
Dizzy Cap EDH14 Mo EDH75 Bosch
Rotor Arm EDR3 Mo EDR49 Bo Not Suppressed
Rotor Arm EDR9 Mo EDR 113 Bo Suppressed
Points EDP2 Mo EDP36 Bo
Condenser EDC2 Mo EDC191 Bo
Rad Cap ERS34
Thermostat ERT9 Thermo Gasket ERG10
Wipers 01/74-06/80 EWB815 fr EWB817 Rr
Shocks 3.0 Ghia Front: Cartridge EAB732 fr EAB471 Rr
Shocks 3.0S - Suspension Front:Cartridge EAB733 fr EAB472 Rr
Belts 3.0 V6 F,WP,A EJA129R
Belts 3.0 V6 Pst P EJE93R
Water Pump 01/74 - 05/74 EPW932
Water Pump 05/74 - 11/81 EPW23
Spark Plugs 74 - 81 AGR22 0,6 AGR22C

Mo = Motorcraft Bo = Bosch
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Re: Capri Part Numbers.

Post by ollyw »

Rear wheel bearings (def for 2.8 may fit others)
(SKF ones as found and supplied by ford in ford eub204 boxes that don’t potentially leak like pattern ones)

SKF part number 361971ce
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Re: Capri Part Numbers.

Post by r2vdh »

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Re: Capri Part Numbers.

Post by andyd »

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Re: Capri Part Numbers.

Post by atomic4 »

I seem to remember and quite a while back tho. Mick Ward of MWRacing used to have a complete file of part numbers on A4 size, which comprised about 10-12 sheets.
Very informative it was too!

:drive: :goodluck:
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