Ford capri 1977 3.0s resto

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Re: Ford capri 1977 3.0s resto

Post by tazla » Mon May 11, 2020 8:36 pm

Rear bumper finished and back on Image Image mirrors back on.door handles too new gasket due to a slight leak job is front bumper.rocker covers powder coated.and new screws for the rocker covers.i had bolts on before and i believe theyre supposed to be screws .and i need to change the drivers door catch is not the same as the nearside one so its something else to change up shame really because when i find one il have to have it plated to match the other .might just leave it for the next owner whenever that would be. .ive set the timing with a timing light 14btdc and the car runs shite.pissed about for ages on and i reverted to timing it by ear as ive done before and she now runs mint.tried running her at 10btdc and shite .havnt a clue what thats all about .Image im thinking she has a different cam in which alters the timing not sure .

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