My first capri, A-REG 2.0 S restoration

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Re: My first capri, A-REG 2.0 S restoration

Post by Jasonmarie »

Looks really nice and love the spoiler , yes I agree with leaving the S stripe of :beer:
Ford Capri 2.0 Laser 1987 Mercury Grey ....... :beer:
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Re: My first capri, A-REG 2.0 S restoration

Post by Arya2.0S »

Hey everyone. Long time 😅

Just got the car back on the road after having stored it outside at my parents place since around November of last year. (2020)

Where I was living at the time there just wasn't any reliable or safe parking, and I was hardly using it so it was a waste of tax.

I took it off the road and SORNed it and there it sat for nearly a year.

I have moved to a new place with an actual driveway so parking is not an issue, so I decided to clean her up, buff the paint, do some fixes like get the rear main seal replaced finally, new steel braided brake hoses, new brake lines, new parcel shelf, master cylinder rebuild and new fuel lines to help combat against this shitty new chip oil they are passing for "fuel" these days.
(She still needs a carburettor rebuild but that'll have to wait a while)

Apart from initially breaking down due to dirt blocking the fuel system from where it had been sitting around for so long, she's back on the road good as new.

Back to daily driving life like she should be 😊
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Re: My first capri, A-REG 2.0 S restoration

Post by Not_Anumber »

welcome back
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