1987 Ford Capri 1.6 Laser (2.0S lookalike)

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1987 Ford Capri 1.6 Laser (2.0S lookalike)

Post by david656 » Sat Aug 03, 2019 7:12 pm

Hi All,

I think this has been a long time coming, but it's time to sell my beloved capri. I've owned the car for 8 years and its been the longest car I have ever owned. in those 8 years I've spent over £12,000 on her! not all that money is still in the car, and I most certainly will never see those pounds again. :beer:

My friend did a write up on the car some years ago which is here: https://95ron.com/ford-capri-2-0s-replica/

Have a good look at the photos in that article and you'll see it really is a cracking car, it's not in quite the condition of 2016 and its got a rust bubble here and there, but for the most part it looks almost the same.

The good bits:
Spax adjustable rear shocks
2.8i rear leaf springs (polybushed)
Longlife custom stainless semi-sport exhaust - actually a lovely exhaust, very quiet on idle and tick over on a motorway but a nice little roar when you're gunning it.
good fuel tank, no leaks, nice and clean
recently powder coated front and rear bumpers, look very presentable
capri club amber indicators, in as new condition (still nice and shiny)
new aftermarket improved headlights also professionally aligned - really great compared to the originals and look original too.
black front grills and headlight surrounds (looks meaner I think and more iconic than the colour matched ones
full ground up respray in 2013 (was lovely when done, still lovely in 2016, but due to lack of use the car has some bubbles).
nice uncut dashboard
a period correct Pye radio (for display purposes)
2.8i leather steering wheel
2.0S looks with the S strip vinyl down the sides.
2.0S grey strobe interior - really in cracking shape! (downside would be drivers side foam is not as foamy as it once was and could do with a plump!
Capri club floor mats saying 'capri'
2 litre back axle out of a 2.0GL that had only done 80k miles!, fitted new wheel bearings, new diff cover, polybush handbrake cable mount and is whisper quiet and really strong - was a steal of a buy and a great asset to the car. recent oil change.
5 speed gearbox, oil change around 2016 and goes through all gears and reverse flawlessly
the original odometer failed and I found a NOS one in a ford box and fitted that, works lovely and smooth with milage functioning and needle nice and steady.
recently changed heater motor (from capri club) both power settings work perfectly and nice and hot.
handbrake bar powder coated recently
bonnet stay powder coated recently
engine brace (capri club) and powder coated recently
front and rear anti roll bar powder coated recently and polybushed at the front (rear not re-fitted)
new handbrake cable In 2013
new gearbox cable in 2013
new 3 piece clutch in 2013
new side repeaters in 2013
actuaspark electronic dizzy
actuaspark non ballast coil - ballast wire removed from car
high powered starter motor 2014
modern alternator 2014
custom screw out alternator bar - keeps the belt nice and tight and a great improvement over the ford design.
new battery 2016 - big sized battery as well
uncut door cards - all original in condition
good strong 2.0L engine with a fast road cam and a good output of 114BHP on a rolling road
new weber 32/36 carb (unsure of date but I think around 2016)
electronic fuel pump 2018 - world of difference over the mechanical ones, transformed the car.
4-2-1 branch manifold
capri club parcel shelf
boot carpet and wood present
nice condition laser alloys
2 keys - one being the genuine ford one
good amount of service history/reciepts with the car and a huge folder of tax discs and MOT certificates, the MOT certs go right back to '92!

neutral bits
aftermarket amplifier hidden in the rear passenger door cavity
3.5mm jack hidden in the glovebox for an iPod
alpine speakers that fit all the original grills/mounts

bad bits
rust hole in passenger chassis leg
bubble on passenger corner of bonnet
bubble on middle nose tip of bonnet (above the front nose grill/bonnet catch right on the edge)
bubble on roof near sunroof (small)
bubble on tailgate (drivers side corner of windscreen)
some splitting/potential rust on rear arches towards rear of car

I've tried to be as genuine and honest as I can, I think the car has huge potential to go on and be a cracking daily car again (as it once was for me) but its time for me to pass on that torch as I embark on my first house purchase!

I fully understand that the car doesn't have an MOT and that does affect the resell value, but I do think with maybe a hundred quid or less if you can do the work yourself, spent on repairing the chassis leg it will go through the MOT and be a great car once again, but I don't have the time or energy for that anymore. I've taken the car for a few drives on private land and recently as today and it really does drive well, myself and a friend were just gobsmacked at how well it pulls and how genuinely fun a car it is. If I wasn't in need of the cash, or as tall (which makes it hard for me to drive) I'd keep it in a heartbeat, as I have for all these years.

I guess the awkward part is the price, I've listed it on Facebook market place for £4800 and I have got a LOT of interest, but also a lot of time wasters, in an ideal world I could really use £4500 pound, but I am open to negotiation a little bit depending on how genuine you are and timeframes of purchase I guess.

Any interest welcome, I have lots of pictures of the car over the year and am happy to get some pictures present day as well, but I polished up the car today and spent all day gearing up for a viewing only for the chap to offer me peanuts :spam: I was upfront about the above and he still decided to waste my time irrespective. He seemed a nice guy etc, but realistically you're not going to drop your price to 20 year old fiat punto prices :axe:

Thanks in advance,


PS the car is in Bristol UK

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Re: 1987 Ford Capri 1.6 Laser (2.0S lookalike)

Post by Not_Anumber » Thu Aug 15, 2019 5:01 pm

My advice is to get an MOT on it - it will make all the difference in the world.
Unfortunately a lack of MOT does just end up putting off so many potential buyers. Although you know that it will pass easily and you only haven't had it done because there doesn't seem a point- thats not the way that a lot of others will see it.
There are a lot of buyers who either would see it as too much of an uncertainty - they dont know you and they aren't sufficiently confident to take what they see as a gamble - or as an opportunity to knock you down on price so they can do it up quickly and sell for a profit.

It will still appeal to genuine enthusiasts who know enough about Capris, which I guess is why you have put it on here but you will really increase your chance of selling it in the wild if you put an MOT on it

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