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Pinto EFI 2.1 rebuild

Posted: Tue Jan 05, 2021 8:25 pm
by snizeldelabmx

After nearly two years having the car just sitting with no engine, I finally (maybe thanks to the lockdowns) managed to finish my engine.
Here I atach a video that I mounted with loads of pictures.

Its is a Pinto 2.1 EFI with kent cams FR34,saab inyectors, new bearings, all gaskets, accesories belt converted to polly V, coolex radiator, steering home made radiator, samco hoses and many stuff done in the engine bay ( not in the video) but I took off all the cars loom cover and fixed all the cuts and joints that previous owner made to the loom.

Done about 90 miles to it so far, runs great, very torquey allthough im waiting to pass MOT to take it to the dyno and propelly adjust timing and fuel.

If someone is building and I can help in something feel free to ask.

Sam :lowrider: