Capri MK1 Restomod - Sri Lanka

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Re: Capri MK1 Restomod - Sri Lanka

Post by Hoonigan » Mon Nov 03, 2014 6:41 am

Kenyanperana wrote:Sorry, I misread the dates! My build is on the member's cars section, I might ask admin to move it here. My ducktail bootlid is a fibreglass item from Tickover, it might be a better option for you and it won't be too expensive to post as its light. Mind you, there are no compound curves in the steel version, so you should be able to fabricate it in steel with the guys you have out there, they obviously know what they are doing...
The duck tail is almost done and I was confident they could turn that out in steel after seeing what they did with the power hump. We are indeed lucky to have them here and at much cheaper rates compared to elsewhere. And our government had started taxing heavily on car part imports so we are more hesitant to import much these days. Had a issue clearing the coilover conversion kit a few months back.

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Re: Capri MK1 Restomod - Sri Lanka

Post by V8caprimike » Mon Dec 28, 2015 2:40 am

Hi have you found a home for the tail lights yet . I'm in new Zealand and have been after these lights for many years and have not been able to get any.
Thanks Mike

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