Project "Burke"

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Project "Burke"

Postby Shederic » Tue Nov 14, 2017 1:25 pm

HI Guys,
Going to try and start a thread, although unlikely to start any work before Feb - run out of money and its too cold!

So, if pictures shared via Flickr works, you'll see this is my starting point. in my garage is a shell of a 2.8 on a B reg. Got the v5 now, got front and rear lamps and got the Vin plate. Not a lot else. The Reg ends "krx" so I thought burke / burkes was appropriate for the pair of us; ... res/6u94V8

Id love to afford standard stuff to rebuild her but, reality is I cant. I respect everyone who has restored or restomodded their vehicles and I appreciate everyone's opinion constructive or otherwise. My thoughts are; as I bought/rescued this from a breakers, what ever I do to it will be better than the alternative it faced.

So, with budget in mind, and a modest performance planned, I'm looking at going the Rx8 running gear route. I'm buying someone elses failed project basically and seeing if it can be adapted to my needs. He was going to restore a scimitar using Rx8 running gear. I plan to see if I can use this chassis and mount some / all to the Capri's floor - The scimitars wheel base is 72mm shorter so some jiggling is required. This is all planning stage at the moment but until I have everything at home its going to be hard to have a solid plan. I was thinking I would cut away the scimitar chassis outriggers, so I'm left with the front and rear rx8 subframes and the "x" shape of the chassis. The "x" frame depth is approx. 6 inches and the Capri chassis rails are 3 inches, so I would cut them down and stitch weld to the floor - giving the capri chassis rails that run the length of the car.

I was thinking of using a standard RX8 prop and Box to minimise the fabrication needed. I found out his diff is from a 5 speed RX8 which has a diff ratio of 4.3, so this will have a bearing on my wheel size and engine choice. (RX8 5 speed with 18 inch wheels @3000rpm = 69mph). ... res/72N734

I have many problems ahead, including no thoughts on how to control the RX8 Power steering rack, no idea how I'm going to get an accurate speedo etc. etc. etc.

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Re: Project "Burke"

Postby Andrew 2.8i » Tue Nov 14, 2017 5:38 pm

What an interesting project!
No doubt there will be loads of issues to overcome with the build, but it will definitely be worth it in the end.
This will be a build to keep an eye on, it will be great to see photos of how you get on with it....roll on February!

All the best,

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