1979 Capri 2.0 "Ghia"

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Re: 1979 Capri 2.0 "Ghia"

Post by CapriFreak » Tue Jun 23, 2020 6:59 pm

Caprifan Rob wrote:
Tue Jun 23, 2020 5:24 pm
You've been busy :D . Always good to read about how someones car is improving. Nice work on the interior & glad you got the temperature gauge working. Remember rebuilding with a carb kit years ago, brought back memories of a kitchen smelling of petrol before I was blessed with a garage.
I like the ghia look with the vinyl top, a set of ghia alloys to match would finish it off. As for the bumpers, for me I'd have the correct mk3 ones, trouble is they cost a bit if you havn't already got them. Each to their own though and I know some prefer the mk2 ones. Keep up the good work :goodluck:
Thanks mate :D i'm supper chuffed with it. Its hard to know what to do with the front. I'm not sure if a mk3 bumper would fit as someone has filled in the front valence :doh: Didnt think that would be a problem when I bought it. I'd put a mk2 bumper on it but they are mad expensive and then where would the indicators go? I did think if I could land some mk2 lights I could turn the front mk2 completely and make it looks like the Minder car haha
If it didnt have bumpers I would just put mk3 ones on there. I already have a rough/presentable front one I won on ebay for £4 (minus indicators). Just need the back and 4 end caps.

I'm a bit gutted that after replacing the Callipers and hoses I havent noticed any change in the brakes. I tested the servo by pumping it 10 times and turning the engine. Probably need a hydraulic bleeder on it. I guess normal 2.0 front legs (to upgrade to vented disks) would be costly? I already have my springs and the dampers/top mounts are new.

Heres a list of everything I can think I've done so far. Being my first proper project and having to scrape the pennies/work a lot to do it, I probably haven't done too bad. Off the top of my head so far I've fix or replaced:

Remove and Refit rear Axle
New Leaf Springs
Rear Gearbox seal
Steering rack/tie rods
Brake Callipers
Brake Hoses/New Fluid
Fix Fuel Gauge (wires the wrong way round)
Replace Temp Sender (x3)
Fit a missing Thermostat :(
Add an Oil Pressure Pipe/Union
Coolant Flush and Change
Heater Matrix/Blower Motor & Wiring
Clean up Fuse Box
Redo the stereo Wiring (I think it was that that went up in smoke)
LED Dash Lights
Various interior bulbs
Rocker Cover Respray
Full Interior Swap (grey to Choc Brown Ghia)
(garage fitted front springs and dampers for me)

I have to say I wouldnt have been able to do this without these forums and Martin at Capri Gear. Its not a hard Car to work on but things some of the interior parts were tricky to find and the advice thats on hand here shouldnt go un noticed. The gear box seal was a nightmare!

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