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Post by andyd » Thu Oct 25, 2018 6:15 am

Andrew 2.8i wrote:Very nice 2.8. 8-)

:agree: :cheers:

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Post by Daz-RSK » Thu Oct 25, 2018 7:10 am

Thank you!

Yes, it needs work to make it a better car. What makes it worse is that it has needed the same amount of work (because it hasn't really gone anywhere - sunny day drives really) for the last 15 years. It's probably done 6000 miles in 15/18 years. I've dithered over it instead of knuckling down to sort it out.

Pattern part wings were placed on it in 1997, as said, and they have never fitted properly, misalign themselves with the bonnet. It had some inner wing work done at that time as well and then subsequent to that, about 4 years later, some more top strut inner wing work and that looks untidy.

The only blessing I received the other day, as I was chatting to the Ford dealer parts guy - a person I have known from when I was working at the same dealership 30 years ago - the genuine Ford wings ran dry in about 1992, some 5 years after production.

My Dad & I always kicked ourselves that the bodywork place rushed the job in 97 and didn't wait for me to get the wings (I could get massive discount being a Ford employee) so slapped some patterns on and they frankly look rubbish. In fairness, by luck or design or otherwise, there were no Ford wings available in 97. For all of these years, there was this regret. But it seems that the regret was unfounded, whatever way it is looked at. I only found that the other day when we were casually chatting about stuff.

So the good news now is that I have Ford wings, Ford bonnet and Ford doors to go on the car. My mate salvaged them years and years ago and just kept them in his workshop.

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