Couple of Mk1’s

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Couple of Mk1’s

Postby Pas28i » Sat Mar 17, 2018 8:31 pm

A couple of mk1’s caught my attention, first this project;

Don’t know the ins and outs of this but bodywork looks good, as does the interior, so possibly just recommissioning required?
New coolant hoses, sorting out the dash and I don’t see a brake servo...
A nice set of Rostyles would finish it off for me!

If you can go to Australia and ship this back;

Not sure of the value in oz but if it’s rust free and with a 6cylinder engine (3.0?) would it be worth importing, if Uk ones are getting out of reach?

Lastly this in USA; ... 91953.html

If they’re not popular in America would it be a bad idea to bring them back here?
Just under £4K but have no clue on shipping costs or legislation; mike Brewer managed to import a few cars from abroad!