Brand New Capri bits brought back

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Brand New Capri bits brought back

Post by Daz-RSK » Fri Feb 22, 2019 2:06 pm

OK people, small acorns at the moment, but some success.

I have been working with one guy to have some cable tidy clips being brought back onto the market. It's looking like a success. Really pleased with this. Not really about what the item is, as it is only "boring" old cable clips. It's more the challenge - is there an interest out there ? Is there a business case to bring new re-manufactured stuff back ?

So watch this space because this guy is getting 5000 cable clips made for us and for other old classic Ford models as well. Don't worry - I don't need one of you to buy 5000 clips! :lol: These will be dispersed through the Ford classic model range!

Is that what we want ??? Is it ???? New Capri parts being made again ???? Of course it is!! :woot: :beer:

With that, there are a number of screws that can be replaced as well for new ones. Not so much a revelation, but why not if you getting the clips done and I have already bought these screws and clips (he had a sample made) and I'll share the beans with you all.

OK, next???

Front seat to floor mounting bolts (8 of them - 4 each) and seat frame to seat base mounting bolts (again 8 of them, 4 each). Mk3 Capris.

Again just watch this space. I have the bolts and I need to fully test myself before I start farming them out. I am waiting for my seats to return from the upholsterers so will know soon.

I can't get the same interest to sell these from an official vendor, so may have to go this alone temporarily, until someone might pick up the baton from me. I am not a professional retailer and you need to dedicate time to be one. I'll help the community out on here, replacing scruffy / rusted seat bolts that you may have for brand new ones. But whether I take on the whole market, I'll see.

That sounds like business ebay accounts and pouring time into ebay messages, and messing about. Frankly, I have better things to do with my time.

But for people on here who genuinely want this stuff, I have no issues. There may not be much of a market and that is why I have seen no interest in these from people in the game. So I will test this all out once I know the bolts are good. They are good on a dry run without the seats but just need to be certain. Also, to start these back up again, 5000 have to be made and that is a bit of a risk, a couple of vendors said to me, given the uncertain market.

No, I haven't had to buy 5000. I have seen an avenue - nudge nudge, wink wink. :ninja: The vendor is not selling them for Ford models because they don't know they are for Ford models - but they are identical to the original Ford bolts. And whilst they are quite happy selling them, one by one, for something else, I will be able to "hang around their back door", ordering quite a lot of these.

Apologies if this following ebay ad is someone's on here - it's not to knock your advert, and if I were you, I would do the same. These are a lot of money for a rusty used bolts. OK, I get why these are like that because there is nothing else on ebay or anywhere. The market is cornered. But 8 scruffy bolts for a £16. ... :rk:9:pf:0

I would be looking at 8 new bolts for half the money.

I'll build on this thread as stuff becomes available or tested.

Watch out - an avalanche of new Capri bits is about to hit the market!

OK, that's enough of that - let's not get so carried away. :D

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