Ex Pressed panels MK3 wings

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Ex Pressed panels MK3 wings

Postby Caprigear » Sun Nov 11, 2018 8:42 pm

I was at the NEC earlier today and I had a long discussion with the guys at Ex Pressed panels about MK3 wings.The outcome of this is that they are prepared to go ahead with these, they already have a pair of genuine wings from which to create the tooling.
They would like a commitment for an initial purchase of only two pairs in order to get the ball rolling.
The price quoted was £770 plus V.A.T per wing and before anyone starts kicking off get yourself a copy of the latest Classic Ford magazine and read the article on Expressed panels and just how much time goes into producing these panels.

If you're not interested or think they're too expensive then don't feel as if you need to comment but on the other hand you are interested then by all means contact Expressed panels direct or contact myself and I'll pass the feedback onto them.
Thanks, Martin.
PS I also checked out the MK3 front valance and it is an excellent panel.

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Re: Ex Pressed panels MK3 wings

Postby fordperv » Sun Nov 11, 2018 9:13 pm

It would be nice an aftermarket wing that will fit without much fuss, I presume they are going to replicate the wings to include the lip at the front I always see people fingering for at shows? :twak:

The expressed stuff is good quality worth spending the extra on, I got a pair of their sills for the mrs car as they were the only ones who appeared to do a decent complete panel, safe to say I wasn't dissapointed

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Re: Ex Pressed panels MK3 wings

Postby atomic4 » Tue Nov 13, 2018 12:13 am

Finally, a rare item that will be replicated to tighter tolerances.


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Re: Ex Pressed panels MK3 wings

Postby Daz-RSK » Fri Nov 16, 2018 6:35 pm

Sorry guys - this is completely my fault. This is a post that I placed up on the Capri Power forum on 17 Aug 2016, actually in Martin's area.


So you also know, I have made my enquiry to Ex-pressed panels. They don't do the wings but have the Ford pressing to do them. For them to be entertained in setting it all up, we need orders for 10 pair of wings. So I asked their price - £1600 for a pair. Wildly, I just wondered whether I could buy 10 pairs to get the system up and running for us to buy new Ford pressed wings (not by Ford though) - then I'll flog the 9 pairs I don't need. But the guy was honest with me. He said, frankly, whilst there are a pair of wings out there for £300 as pattern, no one would buy these for £1600.

I am only into this in 2 weeks and understand the enormity of the scale. Frankly, if I am still in the same position in 2yrs time as I am now, I might make the £16,000 purchase for 10 pairs of Ex-pressed wings, just out of insanity.


So it appears that my £16,000 investment has paid off. :lol: I've got 9 sets of wings here that I don't know what to do. :lol:

Only kidding - this is really excellent news that they are making these. Fantastic news!!

As I said back then - and will say now - for me, the pattern wings just don't cut it. I know this sounds snobbish and I am sure that a great bodyworker good make a very decent job. But there is nothing like the genuine.

The wings on mine are rubbish and don't fit. Lasted well since they were placed on in 1997. But are rubbish. I also mentioned (I think on here) that Ford ran out of genuine wings by 1993. I have been cursing and cussing for 20 yrs that patterns were placed on when I could have had genuine. Then I receive this info, which mitigates 20 years of frustration. They would have been difficult to find in 1997, I bet.

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Re: Ex Pressed panels MK3 wings

Postby dan the capri fan » Sun Nov 18, 2018 10:58 pm

Hi Martin I also had a long chat with a chap and women who owned a 2.8i capri on the expressed steel panels stand at the NEC on the Saturday about mk3 wings and front panels. The mk3 wings they sell at the moment are another company's cheaper pattern part. But when they start making their own mk3 wings they're going to be as close to the original as can be and may even have the lip under the front edge like on the original ford ones. Their prices reflect their quality as all the panels are hand made and beaten. The mk3 front valance is pretty good as they're the only company i know that remanufactures that item. But after talking to a restoration place in Bedfordshire they said they still don't fit the best and need fettling to fit properly. :)