Wanted : Decent mk3 body??

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Wanted : Decent mk3 body??

Post by B396jim » Wed Oct 31, 2018 8:31 am

Hi there pretty new to this site, my first car was a mk3 Capri 2.0s in diamond white way back in 2006 (b396rne)... which a year or two later someone stole and crashed into a tree on New Year’s Eve :nopity: anyway I got myself a mk3 laser that I found for sale at classic ford d903ksj drove it for my daily driver again for a bit then thought I want this one to be perfect, sent it away for a full body restoration back in say 2012 and I’ve still not got it back, the guy who’s doing it (came recommended from a lot of people) lost his only other worked went through a divorce etc etc and is now saying he can’tget his head around to to finish it (even though “he’s done 2/3rds”) now and that I should find someone else to finish off the welding work (even though I’ve paid as he quoted upto primer stage) so I’m reluctant to take the car back and get the work done else where when I have in essence already paid for that work! To cut a long story short I’m looking for a decent mk3 body a little better than mine to try and sort out else where and get finished while still waiting for this other . As I miss driving a Capri and sometimes the mk1 Fiesta just doesn’t cut it . Sorry for the long read ! And cheers :beer:

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Re: Wanted : Decent mk3 body??

Post by Not_Anumber » Thu Nov 01, 2018 12:00 pm

I guess your choice of what to buy will be driven by how much work you are prepared to do.

In saying you are looking for a decent Mk3 body for instance are you looking for a relatively sound body shell thats been stripped of its interior and most of its running gear but has a sound floor and panels that dont need much welding or repair ?

Think in terms of going legal with that dork of a restorer. All sympathy to the bad things that have befallen him but they aren't your problems and he shouldnt reasonably expect you to just give him endless leeway especially if you have paid in advance. Time for the guy to stop wallowing in his self pity and get off his arse.
If the guy has been declared bankrupt then all you can really do is appeal to his sense of fairness but if he hasn't been declared bankrupt you have plenty of levers you can pull starting with a formal letter saying he must either agree to complete the work within 3 months or must return the car and the advance payment you have given him. If no response, send a follow up by recorded delivery a week later. Some people just need a bit of a wake up call before they revert to behaving responsibly.

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