Alternator Wires

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Alternator Wires

Post by Owent2005 » Sat Dec 28, 2019 3:48 pm

Afternoon all, hope everyone had a good Christmas!

I’m in the process of removing all of the excess wiring in the car which involves me tracing the wires throughout. I have found that only one of the wires on the back of the alternator is actually connected to anything. I can’t make head nor tail of the Haines wiring diagram and was hoping someone could help out. The yellow wire goes forward into another loom that i haven’t investigated yet. The blue goes backwards to under the dash (via the hole next to the fuse box) where I found it hanging loose. Any pointers would be greatly appreciated!

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Re: Alternator Wires

Post by stevemarl » Sat Dec 28, 2019 6:03 pm

There should be an L shaped plug going into the back of the alternator, not whatever`s going on there! You need the proper plug with a length of wire coming from it and, hopefully, you`ll be able to match up with some of the existing wire coming from the loom. Why oh why people butcher things like this is beyond me. Martin, Caprigear, will be able to sell you a correct plug and wire.
(At a guess I`d say the yellow would be the Alt +; the disconnected blue would be ign light.)

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