Exhaust dilema

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Re: Exhaust dilema

Post by pbar » Thu Feb 07, 2019 8:31 am

B7ADA wrote: If you think I’m being over picky on an exhaust please tell me I just want it to be right as it deserves!
You are totally correct, you buy something new then it shouldn't arrive damaged.

I will have to check where I got mine from, thought it was direct from Klarius, but would have to check. As I mentioned before, same price, around £90 for the whole system, delivered.

Any troubles fitting it, please just ask, goes straight on but I did choose to do some minor messing.

I would definitely recommend these clamps, much better than the standard U clamps, and you won't need any exhaust paste -


They give a great all round seal, and can be fitted without dissembling the exhaust (so you can fit them after if you can't wait). You can buy direct from them or I could call in as I pass it a lot and send them to you.

You sound as excited as I was, getting a new exhaust :) Good luck.

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Re: Exhaust dilema

Post by B7ADA » Thu Feb 07, 2019 7:06 pm

Well the second delivery is due tomorrow! Let’s see if this one arrives intact as it should !
Thanks for the offer on the clamps I may just order those too !
I really do need to get out more getting excited about an exhaust!!
Thanks guys !

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