Damp proofing fuse box & terminals

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Damp proofing fuse box & terminals

Postby Not_Anumber » Wed Nov 28, 2018 4:49 pm

Im thinking of putting some dielectric grease or vaseline on the fuse box terminals to avoid corrosion - is this recommended ?

I started the car the other day to find the alternator charge light stayed on (despite the alternator actually charging perfectly well) and the indicators werent working. Everything else was fine and the engine started first turn of the key.

Following a suggestion i removed all the fuses from the fuse box, sprayed them and the terminals lightly with WD40 and wiped them down. this did the trick but it seemed odd as the fuses are quite recent with no signs of corrosion on them or the fuse box terminals. Also both the inner and outer fuse box covers were in place.

Could it be worth putting something on them to prevent this happening again ?

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Re: Damp proofing fuse box & terminals

Postby pbar » Thu Nov 29, 2018 7:06 am

It isn't common practice to do so, and I wouldn't bother to be honest. But if you have sprayed with WD-40 and given a quick wipe, then that is just as likely to stop corrosion especially if you have left a residue/smear behind as it doesn't evaporate. It's like magic that stuff.