Custom engine mounts

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Custom engine mounts

Post by ThatGuy » Fri Nov 02, 2018 1:35 pm

I've finally got around to putting the new engine in my Capri and need some advice on engine mounts.
The original mounts on new engine sit further back than the standard mounts on the car so the plan is to chassis mount them. Is there much difference in going for solid mounts made of box section, or mounts with rubbers or polybushes in? Other than vibration which won't matter to much as it's not a daily driven car.
Also is it better for the mounts to be angled up towards the engine? My guess was that if they were then they would be stronger as the weight of the engine will be pushing against the chassis as aposed to flat/horizontal mounts which would have more sheer weight on them with more potential to snap things.

Any help would be awesome as I can't seem to find any answers other than videos of people mounting engines to sub frames lower than the engine which I can't do.
Cheers all
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