Wiper Stalks

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Wiper Stalks

Postby -JC- » Wed Feb 07, 2018 8:35 pm

Capri failed the MOT today, minor issues, one of which was wipers not working (didn't even think to check them!). The fuse is good so next I thought Id check the column stalk with a multimeter as I know they're prone to failure. It does indeed seem to be faulty, if my interpretation of the wiring diagram is correct. I spotted "new" indicator stalks on ebay a year or so ago, so thought I'd have a look to see if I could get a brand new part rather than a second hand one that might just fail again. I found a few listings, such as this one. I was a little concerned by the years it says these new ones cover - 72 to 79 for every single listing, which doesn't sound quite right. Some of them have a part number, 75AG11K665CA, which if you put back into google it comes up as an escort mk2 item. The number on the one I took off my car has the part number 76EG11K665CB. Are these two parts compatible with each other? Has anyone bought and tested any of these new parts? Am I better off seeing if Martin or Tickford_Man have a good old one?
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