2.8i Rocker cover oil leak??

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2.8i Rocker cover oil leak??

Postby 2.8capri46 » Sun Nov 26, 2017 4:00 pm

Hi all I have problem with my rocker cover, R/h as you sit in it, it appears to be leaking oil.

Ive changed the rocker cover gasket , didn't cure it, then I noticed oil dripping from oil cooler/filter assy so changed the 2 seals involved in that, no change. To be honest I think its still the rocker cover , oil pools on a tiny flat on the block below and in line with the bottom corner(rear) of the rocker cover, that now appears to be dripping onto and around oil cooler then down. Left long enough that then seems to find its way to the bottom of the sump, you can see oil droplets hanging there, then onto my drive! . It has a brand new cork gasket , bolts all tightened up evenly.Anyone else had this issue? As far as I know there is no other place on the engine in that area oil could be coming from. Any help appreciated as its really annoying me. Thanks. Forgot to mention this only happens if shes been taken for a run ie oil hot, thinner etc , , then starts to cool down

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