MK3 Capri Cosworth 24V Automtic

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MK3 Capri Cosworth 24V Automtic

Postby Fordcapri1985 » Mon Oct 30, 2017 6:19 pm

Hi guys,

I've found a Ford Capri Lazer 2.0 Auto,

My last capri was a MK1 Cosworth 24V manual.

My plan is to convert a MK 3 into a Cosworth 24V Automatic.

I use my car daily to commute in and out of the city in traffic and I'd like to switch to auto.

My questions are:

Is a 2lt laser Auto a good base to start with?

Would I be better with a 2.8i as a base as it has the extra strengthening plates and more desirable running gear?

Would the shell need to be originally auto to have a bigger transmission tunnel to fit the auto box?

Is it possible to use the 24V Granada Cosworth auto box and install in the capri along with the engine?

Any other recommendations?


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Re: MK3 Capri Cosworth 24V Automtic

Postby Will01 » Thu Nov 02, 2017 12:57 pm

interesting choice, but each to their own.

Personally if i was going to use a Capri as a daily i would just try to source the best shell i can, regardless of whether it is a 2.8 or not.
You can always make up strengthening brackets and buy some of the plates if required, but on a raod car it is not really needed.

I am building mine as a race car and have a 1.6 base shell as it was the best i could find at the time. I have made up gussets for mine and have fitted the inner wing walking plates found on the v6 cars (gussets can be bought £35 and the walking plates £60)

As for the transmission tunnel, sorry i don't know, but it is big to start with on Capri's, i am fitting eventually a 302 with T5, it will need some shaping with a hammer and a slight cut here and there, but it will be ok i reckon. But as for an auto box no idea. Easy to modify anyway.

Hope that part helps
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Re: MK3 Capri Cosworth 24V Automtic

Postby -JC- » Fri Nov 03, 2017 12:42 pm

Have you seen this already?: ... rd_BOA/BOB

I don't think it directly answers your question, but might be useful nonetheless!
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