Coolant suggestions

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Re: Coolant suggestions

Postby tejb1 » Thu Nov 02, 2017 12:41 am

Andrew 2.8i wrote:
Fordoholic Nick wrote:One thing I actually do after reading about it a couple of years back is to mix the concentrate coolant with de-ionised water rather than tap water. ... p-water-5l

Hi Nick,
Great tip!

I love the way that, due to COSSH regulations I assume, Halfords have had to produce a five page safety data sheet.....for water! :roll: ... ReportId=0


Don't - a few months ago, we reviewed them at work. We were missing one CoSHH assessment... for the soap in the dispenser next to the sink. And the tippex had to be moved to a fireproof cupboard. If you didn't laugh you'd cry...

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Re: Coolant suggestions

Postby Paul G » Thu Nov 02, 2017 8:27 am

Don't talk to me about COSHH, RIDDOR and all the other H&S bolloney. I used to have to keep on top of this for the entire workshop when I was teaching car mechanics. Drove me mad.

The one thing that really annoyed me was having to change the contents of the first aid boxes due to use by dates. I mean bandages and eye patches in sealed packets kept in their original boxes inside the First Aid box. Wasteful madness.

Still got a lot of the bandages and plasters at home and they are perfectly OK.

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Re: Coolant suggestions

Postby Will01 » Thu Nov 02, 2017 1:03 pm

Coolant suggestions

Before doing anything flush the system and get as much crap out as possible. Easier said than done, this could take hours, but well worth it. Back flush everything if you can. The radiator is likely to need replacing on most cars though as they just slowly die from day one if not correctly maintained.

I actually do pressure wash alot of coolant systems, but you have to be careful, depends what you doing i suppose. But it always amazes me how much crap comes out when you do that!

If running on road i would always be tempted to run Water/Coolant. Keep a good healty mix based on the time of year, flush it out every year or so.
The other great thing about water is if you get a leak away from home, you can usually get hold of water easily and get yourself home.

Waterless coolant systems yes are supposedly better, but the cost out weighs the improvement in my eyes. You also need to make sure the system is properly conditioned and flushed and cleaned etc before using. What a pita.
If the coolant system is working as it should, then no need.
If you are abusing the car because of the way you are driving it and the mods done and for long periods(e.g. race track) then yes the effort or running waterless starts to pay off, but this is the only time i would consider it personally.
Even on my race car buld however i am going to try and use the standard water stuff though as my cooling system should be more than adequate
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Re: Coolant suggestions

Postby Andrew 2.8i » Thu Nov 02, 2017 4:01 pm

Will01 wrote:Waterless coolant systems yes are supposedly better, but the cost out weighs the improvement

I think most of us will agree with that.