thermostat housing advice please.

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thermostat housing advice please.

Postby johndavey11 » Fri Jul 28, 2017 4:09 pm

hi, i need to replace the thermostat housing on my 1600 mk2. mine is steel? so maybe an aftermarket part? the only ones i can find on e bay and from other suppliers are alloy. will this still fit ok and they are secondhand.

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Re: thermostat housing advice please.

Postby Paul G » Fri Jul 28, 2017 5:13 pm

Most of the housings available now are alloy. I recently put one on my Laser. The only thing I would say is that the thermostat was a bit loose with the fitting kit they supplied with the housing, I'd suggest you buy a new thermostat kit of a good make as well.

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