BOB Cosworth conversion help

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BOB Cosworth conversion help

Postby thangtamfive » Tue Jul 25, 2017 3:59 pm

Good morning all!

I'm soon to be converting my 2.0 laser to the bob cosworth engine from the granada Scorpio, and I'm just after a few answers to the details!
I'd like to point out this car doesn't get driven daily and is a bit of fun so I can deal with being experimental!! :geek:

I currently have a 2.0 pinto with 4 speed type e box,
Completely Polybushed suspension all round
170lb -1" front springs, -1" lowering blocks rear.

Firstly, I can get hold of a 2.8I cross member and engine legs quite easily to mount the engine, can I use my existing arb, tca's and front suspension with the uprated springs? Will the -1" 170lb be be possible and bearable?

Would it be cheaper to get hold of a 2.8I fuel tank with pump, or run an external pump? Would it need to be regulated? Also, I've read somewhere that this would mean having to use a swirl pot, can anyone elaborate on this?

Once I have parts collected for a while, I am going to be mounting the mazda rx8 6 speed gearbox using a few things from p9cyoplates but that's another subject for the future!!
Until then, to get the car on the road can I use my type e?? I know I could use the type 9 V6 bellhousing to mount it, but is that main spline long enough? I hear the type e is stronger than the type 9 anyway.
We won't worry that the ratios will be completely wrong, that will be addressed in the future, it's literally to get it running until funds permit!

Can it be run without an air mass sensor?

Finally, are there any other issues I should consider?
I will be booking workshop time so need to be prepared to get in there and get it finished with minimal problems!

Any help would be greatly appreciated!!
The sooner I get the beast back on the road the better!


Nguyen Tam

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Re: BOB Cosworth conversion help

Postby Paul G » Wed Jul 26, 2017 7:51 am

Dare I say this on this forum but you would probably be better posting your question on Capri Power as the are a lot more people on there that have done this conversion.

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Re: BOB Cosworth conversion help

Postby -JC- » Thu Jul 27, 2017 12:48 pm

Have you checked the capri wiki thingy? Someone put a bunch of info on there ... rd_BOA/BOB

I would have thought external pump would be cheaper. My understanding is the a swirl pot is needed to prevent fuel starvation on injection engines, (the 2.8 tank has one built in).
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Re: BOB Cosworth conversion help

Postby Knez » Fri Jul 28, 2017 12:51 pm

I have a modified stock 2.0L Pinto tank with an intank pump and home made swirl pot in my Capri. Works great actually.
Cheap to do if you know how to weld :)




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