Silicone CV boots

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Silicone CV boots

Postby Paul G » Wed Apr 12, 2017 10:06 am

I just wondered if any of you had used these before and if they last longer than the crappy rubber ones that seem to be about these days. ... SwTglYmb9O

Had my Octavia VRS Mot'd yesterday and although it passed my tester pointed out that one of the CV boots was badly perished and had a pin hole in it. He let me have the ticket but said get it done. The offending boot was only fitted last October and I know I fitted it correctly having done literally hundreds of them over the years. It was a universal rubber (not a glue together horror!) one as the original VW/Skoda ones are made of a hard plastic and unless you have the correct crimping tool they leak and can come off the CV joint.

Before I spend a packet buying an OE one and the tool, just wondered what people's opinion was on a silicone one. I know a lot of you use silicone coolant hoses: are they any better?

Sorry this isn't a capri related topic - but it is a capri owner related one!!!!!!!

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