Manifold colour?

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Manifold colour?

Post by Dave.p » Fri Jun 16, 2000 12:23 pm

I have a 2.0l white laser, and i have just had to replace the manifold because it was cracked after the garage, who did the last exaust before I bought the car, had over tightened the downpipe clamp. anywayas it is off the car at the moment, I was wondering what the origional colour was, before it became rust red. I need to know because the rest of the car is in show condition and rust is unapeeling to the eye.

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Re: Manifold colour?

Post by guitarswet » Fri Jun 16, 2000 12:24 pm

The cast iron manifolds are usually supplied without paint as (obviously) the manifold gets extremely hot and any paint will burn off. Therefore they are often quite rusty looking even when brand new. However you can paint them with special VHT (very high temperature) paint if you wish. You can purchase this in cans from most auto factors and is good to about 900 degrees C. There is a limited choice of colours but I would have thought that black would a) be the best paint pigment wise and b) would give your engine a 'natural' look.

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