1.6 Engines...the differences?

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1.6 Engines...the differences?

Post by ChadChanning » Tue Jun 20, 2000 11:50 pm

Hi, it's me again! It transpires that my potential Capri is an A reg 1600 GL as opposed to a Laser... however I notice that the engine BHP ratings change from 73 bhp for the 1.6 GL to going on 90 bhp for the Laser.
I was wondering if this is due to different tuning, or different engine parts etc. If so, how difficult would it be to upgrade this older Capri to Laser power? Would I need a whole new block, or just simpler parts?

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1600 engines

Post by guitarswet » Wed Jun 21, 2000 10:22 am

The best thing you could do is get hold of a twin choke weber carburetor (with manifold) from a 2lt Capri. This will bolt straight on to your 1.6 engine and give you a considerable increase in performance and reliability. The carb would need setting up for the smaller engine by someone who knew what they are doing. The VV carbs that were fitted to most 1.6 Capris are notoriously unreliable and this conversion is very popular with 1.6 owners.

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