Capri Shows this year - where and when?

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Capri Shows this year - where and when?

Postby LJT » Mon Jun 26, 2000 1:55 pm

To be honest the title says it all doesn't it! Anyone know where/when any Capri shows are this year in England - particularly around the midlands area? Cheers in advance for your help!

suzette bullock

Capri shows

Postby suzette bullock » Mon Jun 26, 2000 10:58 pm

Not exactly a Capri show, but I know there is a 'Capri Day' event being held by the Liverpool and Cheshire Branch of CCI on 3rd Sept at Cholmondley Castle, Malpas, Cheshire, where there will be lots of Capris on display. Other than that, all Capri and other classic ford shows are listed in the Classic Ford monthly magazine. Is this any help?

Suzette Bullock