Laser stickers

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Laser stickers

Post by stevenickson » Tue Jun 27, 2000 11:51 pm

Hello everyone,

Can anyone give me advice on how to obtain a set of Capri Laser stickers to be fitted onto a nimbus grey model (looks like metallic blue)Ive tried my local Ford dealer who stopped stocking them a few years back. Someone may have a set which I could buy!!


Steve Nickson



Post by nreeve » Wed Jun 28, 2000 12:00 am

PJG graphics will have the decals you need.
They always advertise in Classic Ford. Website is

A set of Laser stripes and stickers is probably about £30.Noel

Suzette Bullock

laser stickers

Post by Suzette Bullock » Thu Jun 29, 2000 6:24 pm

Capri Club International do a set aswell for about £30. You've just helped change my mind about 'debadging' my laser of it's stripes!

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Stripes for Diamond white Capris

Post by guitarswet » Fri Jun 30, 2000 10:39 am

You may want to note that there are three 'colours' of stripes used on Laser Capris depending on the colour of the car. The Capri club only sell two of the colours (well shades of grey actually). If you have a diamond white capri then you will need the charcoal colour which is only available from PJG Graphics.

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