yet another problem rears it's head!

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suzette bullock

yet another problem rears it's head!

Post by suzette bullock » Fri Jun 30, 2000 8:37 pm

I have just found out that the TCA rubber gaiter on the passenger side has split and is leaking oil (My MOT blends further into the horizon!). Would this be contributing to the car pulling to the right when I brake ?I'm having new brake hoses fitted this weekend as the callipers seem fine. Sorry to be a pest but this website is SO useful!

andrew chalmers


Post by andrew chalmers » Sat Jul 01, 2000 2:23 pm

Rubber gaitor on TCA ????

More probably its the steering rack that is leaking so dont phone and order TCA parts.

Usually you can tell your TCA rubber bushes are "cream crackered" when your steering wobbles a lot just as you take up the slack in the steering around a long slight corner.

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Steering Gaiter

Post by guitarswet » Sat Jul 01, 2000 5:22 pm

The gaiter you are refering to is on the the steering arm, NOT the track control arm. The track control arm has the anti roll bar going into it and has two bushes, one to grip the anti roll bar itself and one to make the connection with the subframe of the car. It is these bushes that require replacing if your steering is all over the place.

The leaking steering gaiter is a common problem and can be replaced in about half an hour following the procedure in my work section. Unfortunately it is an MOT failure and they like to fail you on it as it is easy money for them to fix it. The gaiter protects the ball and socket joint that allows the steering rack to connect to a wheel that is moving all over the place. A leaking gaiter will eventually dry the joint up and cause your steering to fail.

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