Wing Mirros + Seats

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Wing Mirros + Seats

Postby calb » Wed Jul 05, 2000 1:34 pm

The other day I kind of knocked the drivers remote wing mirror, now it is just flapping on the mounting. Can it be repaired or do I have to get hold of another one?

Also is there anyone who knows where there is a complete interior, black leather to fit a 84 Laser. Mum had one in a MK2 special?

Noel Reeve

Door mirror

Postby Noel Reeve » Thu Jul 06, 2000 10:46 pm

I wouldn't bother trying to repair it. Go to a scrapper, find a suitable MkIII capri and whip the door mirror off that. Get an aerosol spraycan and paint it the correct colour.