Me again - help!

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Su Bullock

Me again - help!

Post by Su Bullock » Sun Jul 02, 2000 11:01 pm

Ok - my brake callipers are operating normally, I have new brade pads/discs fitted, I have new steering gaiters fitted, I have new brake hoses fitted, TCA bushes are in good condition. The capri's steering is now 'normal' probably due to the gaiter. But, when I brake, guess what? - the car pulls to the right, it is not so obvious if I SLOW DOWN but it pulls severely when I try to actually STOP. My mechanic is becoming a little puzzled here - can anyone explain this before I contact Mulder and Scully?

andrew chalmers


Post by andrew chalmers » Mon Jul 03, 2000 12:44 pm

If its pulling then one side has more brake force than the other.
Check that they have been bleed properly.
get a second opinion from another mechanic, they are not foolproof....

Noel Reeve


Post by Noel Reeve » Mon Jul 03, 2000 6:35 pm

Assuming that the front TCA bushes really are OK, then the next couple of things to check are that the wheels are tracked up OK - ie they parallel, or slightly pointing inward to each other when the car is straight ahead. If they aren't aligned properly, this will be accentuated when braking heavily.
Obviously tyre pressures will have a bearing on this too - assume you have checked this and they are both the same at the front?

Noel Reeve

come to think of it......

Post by Noel Reeve » Mon Jul 03, 2000 6:48 pm

I had a strange brake-pulling-to-the-side problem with my 2.8i a couple of years ago.
I was sure the steering, tracking, tyre pressures, and pads were all OK, so in desperation, I took it out and gave it a bloody good thrashing - i.e. a quick series of hard braking manouvers from about 50mph. I did this until the brakes started to smoke and fade (yes, I was concerned at the time that it may have been somewhat foolish), but, after the last bout of violent braking it started to brake in a straight line. It never played up after that either. I think one of the caliper pistons must have been sticking and the strenuous workout sorted it out.

Clearly I would not recommend you do the same, but the moral of the story is that maybe the pistons in your calipers are stuck and a bit of hard work might sort it out? If you have just had new discs and pads then I would _definitely_ not recommend the violent approach, as they need a few hundred miles to bed in and using them so hard as to make them smoke will be very bad indeed.

andrew chalmers


Post by andrew chalmers » Wed Jul 05, 2000 10:40 am

On my capri bad TCA bushes have shown as steering wobble rather than a strong pull.

swap pads left to right, had problem on an Espace where the pads in one side had "cooked" due to sticking piston, they looked sort of crumbly.

Check brake flexis for ballooning with very hard pressure on brake pedal being applied released.

Su Bullock

brake callipers

Post by Su Bullock » Wed Jul 05, 2000 11:09 pm

I've had new brake hoses fitted, new steering gaiters, the wheels changed over and the car still pulls to the right. I'm going to need anew calliper sren't I - do I just buy the problem one or is it worth while replacing both. Is it the left one I need because it is 'lazy' or a right one because it is overcompensating?

Andy P

Don't want to disturb but....

Post by Andy P » Fri Jul 07, 2000 12:56 am

I had this problem on a 2.0 Laser and it never got fixed until one day the brakes locked on a country bend and I ended up wearing a Bedford van!
But I know exactly what you mean - the pull (to the left) is really quite hard under strong braking. All your new parts should ensure they don't lock prematurely but one thing that no-one has mentioned yet and can cause pull is the suspension mountings. If the front strut mountings on one side are on their way out, braking will cause the loose strut to point the wheel off centre and hence the car, into the kerb.
So get your mechanic to have a look at your front legs (ooh er).
Obviously this would require yet more money to fix but it may explain why all your new brake parts has failed to cure it.
Good luck, we'll keep thinking meanwhile!

Su Bullock

brake pull

Post by Su Bullock » Fri Jul 07, 2000 8:25 pm

My mechanic has checked the suspension mountings - he's even loosened them off, driven the car down the road in a straight line and retightened them to the correct torque. I'm going for a set of brand new callipers from our faithful capri friends at northshore garage, blackpool tomorrow. Other than that it looks like new |TCA bushes just to be sure. We also think it has a tyre that is not running true as their is slight vibration in the steering - not a judder just a feeling of unbalance - maybe my previous owner ramme it up a kerb or something - he has a lot to answer for! Thanks

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