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andrew chalmers

Carb Info

Post by andrew chalmers » Thu Jun 29, 2000 10:43 am

Does anyone know where i can get some info on setting up my 1980 X-Packs carbs, the car seems to be running a bit rough at low RPM.

The carbs have many adjusting screws but as i dont know what they are for I dont want to twiddle them just to see what they do?

Someone said I should balance them, but they all weigh the same... (that was a joke for Suzette)

Has anyone ever used a Carb rebuild kit ? If so are they any good ?

Jon B

Carb fun

Post by Jon B » Tue Jul 11, 2000 10:37 pm

Have the carbs been set up for the engine that they are currently fitted on? ie did they ever run right? If they did, you probably just need a tune - six chokes do tend to go out of balance faster than two or four. Whilst you're at it, check your spark plugs are clean and gapped right.
Carb rebuild kits are good if you need all of the bits - if you don't need the needle vavle, fuel filter, and accelerator pump diaphragm, then buy the parts individually, they're cheaper.
NEVER touch the bolts (the ones locked with nuts) that are above the mixture screws - these bolts are set at the factory to flow equal air and are really bad news if you tamper with them.

andrew chalmers

More carb info

Post by andrew chalmers » Sat Jul 15, 2000 5:05 pm

The car had been garaged for years, it has a total of 55k with only 4K in the past 7 years.

I only recently came into possession of the car, some of the documentation (theres a large folder with many receipts etc)has comments like clean/balance carbs and there is a rolling road plot shows 127 at the wheels. I suspect they have been there for a while.

The main problem is - as you touch the accelerator, one or other of the carbs spits back into the K&N filter (3 individual K&Ns). This happens either as you blip throttle or if you have been coasting downhill and go to reapply gas.
Where can i purchase kits?
£20 gets me 100 mile if I drive slow !!!!

Jon B


Post by Jon B » Sun Jul 16, 2000 5:22 pm

If you are using unleaded fuel, have you adjusted the ignition timing to take into account the lower octane rating of unleaded fuel?
For carb rebuils kits or individual gaskets, look in your Yellow Pages for your nearest Weber dealer(under Car Engine Tuning). If you take the lid off one of the carbs before you buy any rebuilding kits, the condition of the inside of the carb will tell you if it is worthwhile stripping the carbs completely, requiring complete kits, or if it only necessary to, say, clean out the float chamber and blow through the jets (just requiring lid gaskets).

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