Problems and solutions..

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Problems and solutions..

Post by Major_Tom » Tue Sep 14, 2021 10:05 am

..Capri started cutting out when idling, I suspected it was valve seat recession, but as you may well know, I had to straighten my bendy first due to this very effective rubber gasket, that was so effective it formed a nigh unbreakable bond between the cover and the head on the exhaust side.

So before I could get the cover off and check, I had to be sure a cork gasket would actually seal properly.

Cue Fordaholic Nick, who very kindly just sent me his spare wide-lipped cam cover - for free! Nice one that man :wave: :applaud:

So removed the cover and checked exhaust valves, and rather unfortunately they had all completely closed up :crying: it started on number 3 for some reason. Anyway, adjusted them back to 0.203mm which is what this cam likes, checked oil spray bar was functioning properly, then fitted my lovely new cover and a set if performance leads I forgot I had in the shed.

It's running great now 8-)


..obviously head has to come off and unleaded valve seats fitted next!
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Re: Problems and solutions..

Post by Fordoholic Nick » Tue Sep 14, 2021 1:37 pm

Ahh what a great photo of a great engine Tom. I just love your Pinto and your set up is just amazing mate. Just try not to blow off the rocker cover too soon :shock: :lol: Glad its ok and even more glad you got the running issues sorted out and all is good again after resetting the valves and other checks. Great stuff!! :)
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