Here's a fun side effect of this lockdown...

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Here's a fun side effect of this lockdown...

Post by Major_Tom » Tue Mar 24, 2020 9:03 pm

..I just watched my mate struggle for nearly five minutes getting his racer in the back of a new Ka. I would have helped, really I would, but as I said to him from over the road: "sorry, I cant help, regulations."

And it even works on people that you find a bit annoying, you know, that neighbour or family member that is.. nice and everything, but you have a life of your own that desperately needs attention. You can "social distance" yourself from them, especially if there's two of them!
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Re: Here's a fun side effect of this lockdown...

Post by Not_Anumber » Wed Mar 25, 2020 12:23 pm

Ive never known what to make about the new KA. The old one was based on an early Fiesta floorpan, looked unique and filled the niche quite well as Ford's smallest car. Quite small, very popular though could suffer a bit from rust.
Not sure what possessed Ford to then make it's successor based on a Fiat 500 floorpan. Still a small car but very bland compared to both the Fiat and the old KA and didnt sell in large numbers. The later KA+ then went back to being Fiesta based, bigger with 5 doors but it's since been axed. Not sure what Ford are playing at really.

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Re: Here's a fun side effect of this lockdown...

Post by Noel » Wed Mar 25, 2020 3:29 pm

When I saw they were launching a new Puma, I got excited. Then I saw it was a small SUV thing with a startled look to it. yawn.

I don't get small SUVs, they take up more roadspace, but are not that big inside. If I want small, I drive our Mini. If I want something usefully large, I get in my old Range Rover.
Guess the luxury of having two cars is not of interest to all due to space/costs/bothered with running more than one car, but just get a decent small estate rather than these over tall SUVs. Frontal area, weight, economy are all compromised for no apparent gains other than pretending you're in a bigger car.

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