July events - come say hello

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July events - come say hello

Post by Steve Saxty » Sun Jul 14, 2019 4:39 pm


Thank you to everyone that ordered a copy of Capri 50, my new book, When I sent the pre-order launch email Thursday it was a bit overwhelming — most of the books allocated got sold that day! It goes on public sale next weekend, so you still have time to place an order, but supplies are limited.

The second thing is something I’ve been waiting weeks to tell you. I'll be in the UK for the next two weeks for the new book’s launch. It’s a chance to say hello, grab a book cheap on the day and also save on postage. I’m going to summarize the events here but I really urge you to click on my site and see the full details. These summaries of the four events I’ve been asked to speak at in the next two weeks full details here https://www.stevesaxty.com/meet-the-author

Ford Warley, Friday July 19th: This is a Ford-organized event at the soon-to-closed Warley location, the site of much of the drama in both books. Ford has put a lot of effort into it, with 150 classic Fords drawn from the Capri, RS and XR scene. See my page here for details. There is also a drink on the Thursday evening with the legendary Rod Mansfield and, if you’re a reader, then I'm sure you’d like to join us!

Gaydon Museum Capri 50th Celebrations, Saturday July 20th.
This is a large event with around 300 Capris in attendance, including some special feature cars. I’ll be giving two talks in the lecture theatre there and talking to owners.

1: Capri Design Story: Never-seen Prototypes & Design Evolution
You’ll be taken through the design of each Capri, the design sketches, models and prototypes. Capris that might-have-been and the untold inside stories using never-seen images from Ford’s secret archives.

2: The Capris You Always Promised Yourself: The Most Collectable and Desirable Top Ten
A guided presentational tour of the ultimate top ten collectable Capris, plus the GBX prototype brought back to life in clay and the cancelled 2003 Capri. Hear what makes them so special and see why they are so significant to the Capri story.

Gaydon Museum Old Ford Rally Sunday July 20th:
This a wider classic Ford event that carries on from the previous day’s Capri meeting. I’ll be talking to people and have the books on sale and for signing.

Silverstone Classic July 27/28th: This year’s theme brand and car is Bentley and the Capri, with lots of Capri events going. My publisher, Porter Press will have a stand and I’ll be onsite Saturday and Sunday for signings and Sunday morning have a stand in the central arena too.

So, there’s lots of chance to say hello. I’ll also be attending events at Brooklands and Dunton in September. So, it’s going to be a busy summer. If you get the chance do come and say hello.

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