Sound deadening removal

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Sound deadening removal

Post by Lcnlee » Tue Feb 19, 2019 10:53 pm

I have just shared the video relating to the description below on the Capri world page on facebook. It seems to be a really easy way of removing the sound deadening stuck underneath the carpet, spray on pipe freeze spray tap with a hammer then use a chisel under the edge and it breaks off in large pieces.

Hope this is helpful to someone.

A little tip for any of you who are thinking about removing the sound deadening from your car. There are lots of ways of doing it, but I find this is the quickest and cleanest way to remove it without hours of work

Pipe freeze spray costs about £10 for a can from Toolstation or similar hardware stores that sell plumbing supplies. You probably need about 3 or 4 cans to do the whole car, but it’s well worth the small outlay for the ease of removing the horrible black tar sound deadening.
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