Emotional Car SOS

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Emotional Car SOS

Post by Fordoholic Nick » Thu Apr 05, 2018 6:47 pm

Hi chaps,

I just watched the most emotional Car SOS...

The guys picked up a 1994 Lancia Integrale Evo II that they were restoring for Gary Horne who had suffered serious health issues for a while, mainly heart related. Halfway through the resto the team got the worst news possible that unfortunately Gary had passed away the evening before. Unbelievably emotional. They waited for instructions from the family who asked them to continue the resto as a memorial to Gary.

What an unbelievable resto it turned out to be and to make it even more special Tim called up some favours from mates in the car world who organised a pretty much full blown Classic Car meet including an amazing turnout from the Owners Club themselves, to present the car back to the family. Obviously there was less air time showing the resto itself as it had become so much more than just this. The 'hand back' to the family was very emotional. Won't lie and say I was not moved by this myself. Terribly sad but at the same time a wonderful resto that the family could cherish in Garys memory.

It brought back memories of 'Cherry' B89 VFJ a beautiful 2.8i that had been lovingly restored by the family of Cliff as a tribute to him and presented to the public by his sister Jaye at Brooklands last May. Very nice memories of that day albeit sad too.

This episode of Car SOS really does put a lot of things into perspective...
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Re: Emotional Car SOS

Post by andyd » Fri Apr 06, 2018 6:17 am

Think I read about this somewhere :?

Must be hard for all concerned :( Some people deserve their car on the show more than others.

According to FB, the GT6 owner has now passed away too.

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