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Re: Your Thoughts......

Postby andyd » Mon Aug 07, 2017 7:01 pm

andyd wrote:
pbar wrote:
andyd wrote:But to charge us and not the visitors, that's wrong. Split the entry 50/50 that would make more sense.

I'm not sure as I don't know enough about this stuff, but I'm inclined to think that it may be an insurance thing, when visitors are charged it changes the premise of the event.

Most shows here charge visitors too....I have emailed the organiser of this event so will let you know their reply.

Copy of my email and the reply;
Good Morning,
Could you let me know why we have to pay £5 to exhibit our Classic cars, but the visitors enter free?
We have to pay to exhibit at many shows as do the visiting public, but without us there wouldn't be an event......

Donations to charities are fine and I am happy to contribute, but paying in advance or on the day I'm not so keen on attending.


A. Down

Good evening

This has been the set up for the last ten years. The entry fee goes towards Devon @ Cornwall air ambulances charities and off sets the insurance and running costs, printing costs of forms / flyers for the event. I have just attended Mount Edgecumbe (to show the car).....£5.00 year it will be £10.00!. Fitz car rally on the Hoe £10.00 entry, free to the public. Many other shows you book and pay in advance, though not all.

I understand your point of view and as this is only the second show at Tencreek (the other eight shows being on Plymouth Hoe in the past) should we take up the offer of future shows there we will discuss the issue of the public paying an entry fee and not the exhibitors.


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